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Re: snmpconf PM MIB Issue #9

Hi Juergen. I think you are probably right, this may be more of an 
infrastructure issue. So I copied the mibs@ops list. Lets move this discussion 
> >>>>> Jon Saperia writes:
> Jon> I like your idea of creating standard write buttons. I believe
> Jon> this would be very helpful.
> Jon> My first reaction though is that you have made this a bit more
> Jon> than it needs to be. What I mean is that I do not think we really
> Jon> need a new mib module with a table. Your concern about the
> Jon> complexity of many scalars is well taken. My concern is that we
> Jon> need to be able to write at many levels of granularity and we
> Jon> could approximate with with the table but it would be another
> Jon> 'registration' task agent implementors would have to deal
> Jon> with. In the end a trade of decision.
> >From a manager's point of view, I would like to know where I can find
> all the write buttons for the various MIB modules supported by an
> agent (and its third party agent extensions). (This might as well be
> handy for policy scripts that try to enforce a certain storage policy.)
> Jon> All that said, we probably want to separate that discussion from
> Jon> the current snmpconf discussion. Would this be an appropriate
> Jon> topic for EOS.  I know that people on this list are on that
> Jon> one. We should probably move this good discussion there or
> Jon> wherever people think appropriate.
> I think EOS if for protocol work. This has nothing to do with the
> protocol - it is a MIB infrastructure issue. I think the best place
> to discuss this would be <mibs@ops.ietf.org>. Bert, do you agree?
> /js
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