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snmpconf PM MIB Issue #9

The issue states:

* Discussion of permanent storage and configuration update
  implications of the Policy Module on the rest of the system

  Issue: in DiffServ MIB discussions, the use of the StorageType
  TC has been called into question. Specifically, implementors
  said that the granularity used in the DiffServ MIB (storage
  per row) was not realistic in an environment where flash
  was used. We need to look at how we use StorageType to
  determine if it's appropriate for such environments or if
  we need to come up with an alternative approach (perhaps a
  "bigger button" at a higher level of granularity).

I'm happy to replace storage type with another mechanism but I'd rather
not invent it from scratch given that I've never personally had
experience with this problem myself. Is there a generally-accepted
solution to this problem? A single write-everything-to-nvram button? Or
keep (son of) storage-type and add a button that only writes all
storage-type=nonvolatile rows?

If this happens to just be a DiffServ issue, I hope someone will speak
up. The PM MIB is designed to go well beyond DiffServ.