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Re: snmpconf Updated PM MIB draft

Hi Steve,

Steve Waldbusser wrote:
> 34 Suggested that smarter implementations might want to rerun policies
>    prior to maxLatency if a role changes (see pmPolicyFilterMaxLatency)

I believe the object referenced should be pmPolicyConditionMaxLatency.

If I'm an operator, I need to know how this situation will be handled,
and I don't want it to be implementation-specific, I want it consistent
across my network, because it could impact the application of my
security policies. Adding lots of vendor-specific if-then-else clauses
to my policies will make then unwieldy, potentially unreliable, and
difficult to debug and maintain. 

I am concerned that this text doesn't standardize the expected behavior.
I think this language needs to be tightened up to guarantee a consistent
approach by all implementations.
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