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snmpconf Updated PM MIB draft

You can look at the latest version of the PM MIB at

I believe the following items are now closeable:
    2, 5, 14, 19, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 37

Here's my change log (the first number is from David's list):
2  Fixed the rest of Bob Moore's comments from his March 14
   email. (Many of these had been fixed earlier.)
   Fixed typos in searchColumn definition
   Added example to oidSplice definition
   Clarified pmPolicyPrecedence
   Fixed bug in pmTrackingEPStatus
-  Fixed typo in pmNewCapabilityNotification
5  Added pmAbnormalTerminationNotification
23 Clarified how to have action taken on policy termination by
   the addition of text to the pmPolicyPrecedence object
27 Wes's #9: added new notification
   Wes's #16: Fixed typo in setVar()
   Wes's #41: Added reference to POSIX
   Wes's #52: Fixed typo in pmPolicyRowStatus
   Wes's #54: Changed index of pmElementTypeRegTable from
              pmElementTypeRegIndex to pmElementTypeRegOIDPrefix,
              deleting the pmElementTypeRegIndex object. Also deleted
              extraneous text about finding duplicates and fixed
              erroneous text about form of the OIDPrefix.
   Wes's #58: Got rid of off(0) enumerated value of pmTrackingEPStatus
              and renumbered remaining enumerations.
   Wes's #59: Can set pmTrackingEPStatus directly to forceOff(1)
   Wes's #61: Specified roll-over rules for pmDebuggingTable and
              recommended timestamp be added to message if available.
30 Added overflow rules for integer arithmetic
34 Suggested that smarter implementations might want to rerun policies
   prior to maxLatency if a role changes (see pmPolicyFilterMaxLatency)
-  Aligned with policy terminology document. To wit: now use the term
   policy condition instead of policy filter

I'll send another draft soon after I've accumulated more changes.