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snmpconf SNMPCONF Schedule

David Partain and I just completed another status check and wanted to let 
people know about the following - some of this is not new:

	1. We plan to do a working group last call on the BCP sometime next week. The 
document is the one that has been on the IETF site:


	2. Current plans do not call for a Meeting in London as was discussed at our 
last meeting an on this mailing list.

	3. The PM module is not yet ready for last call but our goal is to have it a 
version ready for publication in about 4 - 5 weeks.

	4. To ensure everyone gets a chance to read and review any issues, please be 
sure to send them to this snmpconf email list. If you wish an issue considered 
it must be sent to this list.

	5. The DiffServ Module that we have been working on can not go to last call 
until the DiffServ Module created in the DiffServ WG is complete. Fortunately, 
the other two documents are not dependent on this module.


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