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Re: snmpconf Issue #18 resolution - Update capabilities table

Given this view,, coupled with the later explanatory text that says that 
you are concerned with avoiding useless downloads,
let me point out that we currently have two uses for the table:
1) Download suppression
2) capabilities checks inside scripts.

If you are prepared to not do the later, then a table such as the one Jon 
proposed would be fine.  All one would want at that point is device level 
information, not component level.


At 04:51 PM 6/11/01 +0200, David Partain wrote:
>To summarize for those who won't read the whole thing:
>   I believe the coarse granularity of capabilities information
>   in the capabilities table is useful for short-circuiting
>   downloads of useless policies.  Regardless of the
>   implementation of that idea, I think it's a useful mechanism.
>   I have not been convinced that this idea is fundamentally
>   wrong or useless.
>   As such, I continue to believe that the capability tables
>   as proposed by Jon - perhaps with some adjustments - are
>   fundamentally the right thing to do.