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snmpconf capMatch() - an issue related to capability tables


In the discussion of the capabilities tables in Minneapolis,
one of the things that came up was the utility of capMatch()
given the coarse granularity of the capabilities tables.

Firstly, I think the purpose of the capability
tables and capMatch() should be understood.
The former is discussed in gory detail in

Capabilities are system-wide, not tied to a particular element.
capMatch() is expressly about the correct running of scripts.
The thinking was that one would use capMatch to determine if
an _element_ supports a capability.

Well, we have a problem.  Capabilities aren't tied to elements.
As such, capMatch() can ONLY respond on a system-wide basis,
which doesn't appear to be useful in the context of a running

Given this, I believe that capMatch() serves no useful purpose
and should be eliminated.