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Re: snmpconf pm issue #23 - policy termination

Hi all,

Steve Waldbusser wrote, after discussion with others on
the list:

> I totally agree with you guys that this is necessary. You can already
> see this behavior described somewhat, it's just not complete yet. 
> The following text is in the defer() function:
> "When a policy defers it exits and the filter-matching policy with the
> next-highest precedence is immediately run."
> Similar text needs to be added to the policy table logic as well.
> This isn't expensive either. We're just changing the timing a bit. We're
> just re-evaluating the "previously trumped" policy filters immediately
> rather than waiting till the next policyFilterMaxLatency time.

So, if such text is added in the "policy table logic", would
folks be happy?  I would be.