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Re: snmpconf pm issue #23 - policy termination

I agree with the proposed text, but it raises a question.
When a policy is no longer active on an element, is another
policy evaluation done to ensure the proper policy
is in force?  This may have been discussed; but I don't recall the

My immediate reaction is to say "no, it happens when it happens,
lets not micromanage this thing".  Some cases:

1  A policy goes out of schedule.  At this point, since a
   "policy evaluation cycle" is taking place, the lower precedence
   policy will be enforced.

2  A policy is removed from service (via pmPolicyAdminStatus or
   pmPolicyRowStatus).  Since these require positive action
   by a manager, that manager should be responsible for 
   the state of the elements governed by that policy.
   I'm not sure how this would be done, when it involves
   forcing a lower precedence policy evaluation to take place.
   Perhaps by temporarily changing the pmPolicyFilterMaxLatency
   for a short period of time on a policy the manager thinks
   should be in force.

3  The element has changed state in such a way as to no longer
   be managed by a given policy.   Should this just be caught
   on the next policy evaluation?

	- Steve

On Monday, June 4 2001, Steve Waldbusser <waldbusser@nextbeacon.com> wrote:

>   Issue: Jon writes: "There have been extensive discussions about
>   what to happen when a policy terminates. My recollection -
>   with help from David - is that if one wants a policy reset
>   after termination, a lower precedence policy should be in
>   the group that will take over. I have no issue with this as
>   the resolution, only that we need to document that this is
>   how this behavior is achieved."
> How's this text?
> "Note that if it is necessary to take certain actions after a policy is
> no longer active on an element, these actions should be included in a
> lower-precedence policy that is in the same policy group."

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