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Re: snmpconf PM MIB issue #6 CLOSED - counter32Delta and counterRate

I'm still uneasy about counter discontinuity indicators
and how they figure into this topic.  The purpose of a
discontinuity indicator is to raise a flag that says
"Don't do a delta calculation for this counter - the
result will be invalid!"  Since these accessor functions
don't themselves do anything with discontinuity indicators
(and it's hard to see how they could, since that would
require MIB knowledge), it must be up to the script writer
to check them before invoking these functions.  If this is
how it's supposed to work, then the document should have
examples where the calls to these functions are preceded
by statements that check (and save) the appropriate
discontinuity indicator.

I know this moves the scripts in the direction of larger
and uglier, but given the way counters are defined in SMI,
I don't see any other way to do it.


Bob Moore
Advanced Design and Technology
Application Integration Middleware Division
IBM Software Group

David Partain <David.Partain@ericsson.com>@snmp.com on 05/16/2001 12:04:02

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Issue:  When Steve presented counter32Delta and counterRate,
there was a fair bit of discussion on whether they were right
as they are. More thought and discussion is required.

There have been no discussion and no questions.  As such,
I assume that everyone understands how these two accessor
functions work and that the description is clear.

If you have questions, please bring them up quickly.

With kind regards,

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