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Re: subidwrite/substr draft-ietf-snmpconf-pm-05.txt questions

At 05:14 PM 5/14/01 -0400, Steve Moulton wrote:
>. Page 52, draft-ietf-snmpconf-pm-05.txt, para 9.4.16:
>     string substr(string &str, integer offset,
>                   integer len [, string replacement])
>    The substr prototype only shows the replacement argument as
>    optional, but the description says that len may be omitted (to
>    get the rest of the string after offset regardless of length).
>    The len argument is not bracketed in the prototype.
>    It makes sense to be able to specify the replacement string
>    without the length (replace everything starting at offset), but
>    one must intuit the argument types to figure out to which
>    argument the third string must be assigned.
>    I see two choices here:
>    .  Remove the replacement functionality from this function.
>       String replacement is orthogonal to extracting a substring.
>       At the risk of cluttering up the language, I think this is
>       the correct solution.

I think a separate replace() function would be cleaner, but it has the same 
issue wrt the length argument unless you move the length argument AFTER the 
replacement string, which is pretty non-intuitive if you ask me.

>    .  Make the len argument nonoptional when doing string replacement.
>       This means that one is always going to have to think about
>       len (i.e., there is no way to specify "replace everything after
>       offset 5 with this string, expanding or contracting the
>       string as necessary).  I guess just supplying a huge value
>       would be adequate.

I think this is what we will need to do, whether we separate the replace 
functionality into a separate function or not.  If we keep replacement 
functionality in the substring function then the only change would be 
editorial: put the length in brackets along with the replacement string, i.e.:

     string substr(string &str, integer offset
                   [, integer len [, string replacement] ] )

- Pablo
Pablo Halpern                      http://www.halpernwightsoftware.com