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snmpconf BCP Issue #4 - Finish off MIB Module (fwd)

Resend, I had an email problem. Sorry for any duplicates.
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Date:    Thu, 10 May 2001 09:01:36 -0400
From:    Jon Saperia <saperia@jdscons.com>
To:      snmpconf@snmp.com
Subject: BCP Issue #4 - Finish off MIB Module

> Issue: there have been a number of comments on the example MIB
> module included in the document. These issues need to be
> addressed.
>             DisplayString vs SnmpAdminString 

The MIB Module has been almost completely re-written. SnmpAdminString is
used almost everywhere. The only exceptions are for descriptions (e.g., a
policy description. 

>             Bob Moore's items 
Bob Moore, Harrie, David Partain, and others discussed the abstractions
for the MIB Module and whether we should follow the example of the
DiffServ and DiffServ Configuration (a.k.a. Policy) module. In the end
we came out using the DiffServ model since it does offer more future

>             Notifications 

A note has been made at the end of the MIB Module they should be
included. The purpose was not to do a complete MIB Module, just an
example. If anyone wishes to propose specific objects that I can
incorporate before the last revision, please post them to this list and
we can discuss them.

>             Compliances 
>             Agent Caps 

This is a MIB Module. If a person wants to write a possible Agent caps
statement. Please post it and we can consider its inclusion.


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