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snmpconf BCP - Issue # 2 - Correct any remaining technical errors (fwd)

Resend, I had an email problem. Sorry for any duplicates.
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Date:    Thu, 10 May 2001 08:53:07 -0400
From:    Jon Saperia <saperia@jdscons.com>
To:      snmpconf@snmp.com
Subject: BCP - Issue # 2 - Correct any remaining technical errors

Here is the current status of the items as they will appear in the
upcoming draft.  

> Issues:
>             On some items, improve guidance 
>                   overlapping controls 
>                   fate sharing on read-create tables 

There are revised sections for the two above items.

>             Agent/X considerations 

There is no section on this topic. If anyone has specific words to
contribute please post them to the WG list for possible inclusion in the
final draft to be published next month.

>             Protocol details - Wes & Bert's comments 

Numerous changes have been made. Mike took Bert's comments and went
through the document.

>             Improve Set Latency Example

We have a new example that should be easy to understand involving a
rotating wheel whose direction or rotation is changed via a set


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