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snmpconf Completing our work

The recent post from Steve of the PM draft and change log shows
significant progress.  I have exchanged mail with David Partain about a 
'schedule' for completing our work. Here is where I think we stand:

At the last IETF meeting we had rough consensus among the people
attending that we could get to working group last call before the August
IETF. Given that, we do not plan to meet in London. To achieve this we
need to do a wg last call on the documents a couple of weeks before the
cut-off. This would get the documents published with time for people to
give them a thoughtful review before the last minute flurry.

Here is a proposed schedule:

     Friday May 11, all WG documents published to WG with latest
     changes. - Notes
                  1. The recent posting by Steve could reasonably
                   be considered this submission. 
                  2. The BCP should also be available at
                  this time. 
                  3. The DiffServ Policy Module will probably have to
                  wait until the DiffServ WG completes it MIB Module
     June 8, revised documents in final form.

     July 16th, re-publication of all documents with final changes for
     working group last call.


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