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snmpconf issue #1 resolution - language versioning


I'll send this out right before I leave for the weekend, so you
have all weekend to blast me :-)

This is my take on the results of all of the mail on language
versioning.  You'll find this thread archived at

We have previously agreed that new versions of the language
will be registered as capabilities in the capabilities table.
The question has largely revolved around whether to register
the first version in addition.  I do not see a clear consensus
that this should be done and propose that we not include
registration of the first version.

One comment worth noting is that we are not talking about
changes to accessor functions; we are talking about base
language changes.  Accessor functions are registered separately.
As such changes to accessor functions are already addressed.

So, I think that #1 should be closed with "no change".

With kind regards,

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