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snmpconf 12.Taxonomy discussion updates to be in BCP referenced in PM Document

I propose adding the following at the end of section 3 of the PM
Document. Before writing this I checked 2026 and 1543 for an exact
meaning of a 'normative reference'. There really was no such thing. I
checked further with Scott Bradner and ran an example by him. What
follows should not pose any restrictions on the PM document. It is
included to help a larger community understand the SNMPCONF work,
especially those building management applications:

      "The concepts associated Policy-Based Network Management will be
      new to many. This document provides some useful examples of
      different types of policy information and their relationships. The
      Configuring Networks and Devices With SNMP [xx] contains
      additional terminology, an example MIB Module, and an information
      hierarchy that may be helpful to those developing and using this


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