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Re: snmpconf to-do deadline today

Here's a dump of my list.

1. Add pmPolicyElementTypeFilter object to restrict a policy to run
   only on certain element types

2. Change form of pmElementTypeRegOIDPrefix so that the OID is
   specified up to the table.entry part.

3. Change the schedule table to use the semantics that PCIM uses

4. Add mechanism to clean up resources on RTE or call to die()

5. Provide for deletion of scratchpad variables

6. Need to specify storage type for scratchpad variables

7. Provide a way for an action to defer itself to the next lower
   precedence policy

8. Align with policy framework terminology wherever appropriate

9. Rework the role table index to make it simpler for systems that
   don't act as a mid-level manager. Using same technique, add
   context and addressing info to other auxiliary table that need it.

10. In snmp accessor functions, allow integer values to be specified
    in the form "descriptor(1)" so that the code can self-document
    enumeration values. The descriptor text is completely ignored by
    the function.

    We could go further and define the integer coercion rules so that
        ToInteger("descriptor(1)") == 1
    I still have a couple of unresolved issues here so I'm thinking a

11. Have a consistent capitalization convention in naming accessor

12. Add optional arguments to snmpsend to send to another context or
    to a remote system. Make this consistent across all snmp functions
    that require it.

13. Add optional context/addressing arguments to roleMatch() and

14. Specify overflow rules for integer arithmetic 

15. Bug: if/for/while must call ToBoolean on their expression

16. Specify that function arguments are coerced to the proper type

17. Specify that by default context and address default to that of the
    current element

18. Suggest that smarter implementations might want to rerun policies
    prior to maxLatency if a role changes

19. Note that agents are allowed to terminate a script that exceeds
    a local CPU or memory limitation.

20. Helper objects to help NMS failover?

21. Stuff from Partain's 3/6 email

22. add $* which is equal to $0.$1.$2 ... for as many subids as exist

23. Fix race condition problem with codeTable

24. Receive/send traps/notifications?

25. Possibly change who points to who between policy table and code

26. rationalize usage of character vs. octet in light of UTF8

27. More thinking about how policies clean up when no longer active.

28. Have policy re-execute on all elements if filter or action
    changes or if parameter is changed. Also clear the scratchpad for
    all PolicyElement or Policy execution contexts for this policy.
    If changing the code requires that I modify 6 code segments, take
    care to not re-execute 6 times.

29. Allow filters to do sets?

30. Should setvar() return an error code?

31. Add function to retrieve the context/address of this execution

32. Potentially rename pmElementTypeRegName

33. Define how the return value of the policyAction is
    treated. 0 could have cleanup() or defer() semantics.

Plus, treat as "on the table" stuff previously brought up by Wes, Bob,
David, and Bert. For David and Bert I am referring to a private email
from David and Bert's markup of a printed copy of the PM MIB, in my
posession. I know we're not being that lawyerly about this but I just
want to make it "official".


1. Not sure if we want the PBCM acronym.

2. Suggest renaming "policy objects" to "provisioning objects".

3. HVAC MIB needs a name that can be used to easily find templates
   across agents.

4. I think we need a number of changes to the model in Section 7 
   and Section 8: need to decouple instance-independence
   from implementation/mechanism/domain-independence.  Further, use of
   the phrase "xxx-specific" is confusing WRT dependend/independent.
   Also make sure that implementation guidance is consistent with
   current state of PM MIB. Also need to come to further agreement
   on what is a mechanism-specific MIB.


David Partain wrote:
> Folklets,
> Please recall that today is the deadline for submission of
> issues that you think need to be addressed on the SNMPCONF
> documents.  You do not need to have the solution complete,
> but we do need to know that you want the change.
> With kind regards,
> --
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