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Re: snmpconf more setRowStatus problems


I agree. I have managed ATM cards where specific channels were reserved
as control control channels.
A read showed nothing existing, but a write to such a row caused a
Now, I think the agent had a serious bug, but if I have a device with
such a bug, I would like to be able to craft my policies to recognize
the device (by reading SNMP objects) and constraining my choice of
indexes. On the other hand, I don't want to be forced to reimplement the
whole setRowStatus() algorithm just because one vendor's device has
range restrictions.


Wes Hardaker wrote:
> If the index value for a table is of a restricted range, and the
> random number generator in setRowStatus() checks 0 -> 2^32-1, or
> whatever is defined, then a large number of misses will occur just
> because of range (and since this is executing on the client they won't
> have mib knowledge).  Should a notion of range be added to
> setRowStatus (and createAndGo, if adopted)?
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