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Re: snmpconf a new issue: off-the-box operations

Wayne, I replied to this in responding to Pablo's original message.
Remember my concern was mostly in regard to the capabilties table which
is clearly out of scope for this 'out-of-box' function.

With regard to other areas of the system that do 'proxy' I like you feel
this should be a specialized local function. The cost of including such
facilities in the standard in my view makes it more complicated than the
benefit it produces.
> At 02:42 PM 4/4/2001 -0400, Pablo Halpern wrote:
> Do you mean that you're not sure it is worth it to support off-the-box 
> operations or that it is not worth it to do the work to detail it?
> Personally, I've been somewhat mystified on the application of this ever 
> since I noted it in the somewhat incomplete mention in the PM draft.
> Maybe "mystified" is too strong a word.  Can Steve tell me what he was 
> thinking about here in terms of application and how objects might get 
> exposed as to their local agents?  I've been considering the notion of a 
> "PolicyScript proxy" for some time now, but that would be a private matter 
> of local proxy configuration, not exposed through the PM MIB.
> Don't misread me--there might be and likely is some essential application 
> I'm missing here, I just want to understand what it is and how it would 
> play out administratively.
> Thanks!
> Wayne


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