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Re: snmpconf policy example..

harish wrote:
> Sir,
> The attachment in the mail contains a file in text format, contains a solved example. It is just a attempt to solve it, i want to make sure if that is the way to populate the policy to the MIB.

Thanks for pointing out to some errors I made.
For the update you have to wait until the next
diffserv-mib is released.

Most likely some changes will affect the example
too. So I hope to get that done first.
(as earlier mentioned)

> How to store more complex policies with actions including both PR and PHB actions.
> Then the number of rows in a table, will be increased drastically. I have solved
> the above policy according to the example given in the draft but there are more objects which has to be populated, which are not yet clear.
> My Questions are
> 1) Can the RowPointer contain identical values as given above.

If I understand the question correctly, a rowpointer points to
something and if two different rowpointers point to the same thing
their value is equal.

> 2) Does
>    "diffServClfrElementSpecific.1"  and  "diffServClfrElementNext.1"  points
> to the same row of the table.

No the 'specific' points to more detailed information which is a
classifying filter
and the 'next' points to the next datapath element if the traffic is
the filter.

Hope this helps,