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Re: snmpconf a new issue: off-the-box operations

At 02:42 PM 4/4/2001 -0400, Pablo Halpern wrote:
Do you mean that you're not sure it is worth it to support off-the-box 
operations or that it is not worth it to do the work to detail it?

Personally, I've been somewhat mystified on the application of this ever 
since I noted it in the somewhat incomplete mention in the PM draft.

Maybe "mystified" is too strong a word.  Can Steve tell me what he was 
thinking about here in terms of application and how objects might get 
exposed as to their local agents?  I've been considering the notion of a 
"PolicyScript proxy" for some time now, but that would be a private matter 
of local proxy configuration, not exposed through the PM MIB.

Don't misread me--there might be and likely is some essential application 
I'm missing here, I just want to understand what it is and how it would 
play out administratively.