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RE: snmpconf DRAFT Minutes from IETF50

Naah - you didn't imply otherwise.  I took it more in the line of "what is
this guy, nuts to put this in?!?", accompanied by a smile and shake of the
head.  I thought it was really funny that Steve included it in the minutes,
as it was by far the best pun uttered at either session.  Oh, well, I guess
we need to be somewhat serious.......

Did I do an OK job of rewording the gist of your concern, and of what you
were trying to get across regarding versioning?

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>>>>> On Wed, 4 Apr 2001 09:26:46 -0500, "Glen Morehead"
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Glen> I thought its inclusion was important, as those not present at
Glen> the session probably needed a good groaner.

I actually found it humorous and don't care if its there or not...  I
suspect I implied otherwise.

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