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Re: snmpconf #4: Code reuse

>>>>> On Tue, 03 Apr 2001 17:19:18 -0400, "Joel M. Halpern" <joel@longsys.com> said:

Joel> My reason for leaning towards leaving them out is that while
Joel> functions (code reuse) are nice to have, they are not strictly
Joel> necessary.  And this proposal is already sufficiently large and
Joel> complicated that the magnitude may deter people from adoption.
Joel> I believe that most (maybe even all) the current features are
Joel> there for good reasons.  But that does not mean we should not be
Joel> very cautious about adding more.

Thanks for spelling that out for me.

Now, if only we could reach a consenus...  Current count is 2-1 in
favor of adding something to support reuse.  That's not very
many opinions.

Wes Hardaker
NAI Labs
Network Associates