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Re: snmpconf populating the MIB table


  Instead of having 3 rows in the action table, the policy action script
would include the code to accomplish all three results, conceptually it
would look like "setBandwidth(20); setIpPrecedence(1);

Regarding rules for row placement, the index for the table is
policyIndex and as it has no significance to the agent's processing of
the policy, the manager can choose it randomly (the rowStatus object
ensures that new rows don't override existing ones).


harish wrote:
> Sir,
> 1) How do you manage to place a row in a table, or what is the logic in placing the rows in a table..
>    for Example: if the policy is
>    if(src_IPaddress==
>    action = 1) set bandwidth=20%
>             2) set ip precedence=1
>             3) set role = administrator
> in the above policy example, there are 3 actions.. my question is how to place these three rows in the action table, though the example doesn't illustrate placing of 3 rows in the same table. Tell me when similar condition exists.
> 2) IS Placing rows in a table is implementation specific ?, or is there are any set of rules or algorithms to CREATE,HANDLE,ORGANISE,ACCESS a row in a table ?
> Pls answer me as soon as possible
> Thank u
> with regards
> Harish
> Insight Technologies