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snmpconf language implementation

I still think nested comments should be allowed.  We are not
re-implementing C, we are creating a new language, and that
gives us the chance to remedy defects in C.  Not allowing nested
comments is a defect.  Many C compiler implementors recognized
this, and created their compilers accordingly.  Cost: none; it
is trivial to implement in the lexer.  Benefit: it saves the
programmer from wasting time on spurious errors.  Finally,
any compiler that does allow nested comments will have a
competitive advantage over one that doesn't.

Also, I feel strongly that the C defect of not specifying
argument evaluation order is not something that should be
carried over to this language.  I don't really care whether
the order is left-to-right or right-to-left, as long as we 
have a standard.  I'm perfectly willing to take the extra
hour to rewrite my code so evaluation is left-to-right.  That
way we have a much greater chance that scripts will always
produce the intended results.

Ray Byler