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Re: snmpconf BCP Section 3.1

Wayne, hope you are better.

With regard to the proposed reorganization, I have two comments:

     1. The work on the document is not required to be complete by
     April 6. Our goal is to have the to do items enumerated by April
     6. I expect it may take another week or so for the BCP. The other
     documents may take more time because of other issues.

     2. I can see how so many items seems like a flat
     hierarchy. Perhaps you can proposed a reorganization using the
     current numbers and mapping to a new organization, then we would
     be able to see if it is worthwhile.


> Sorry I'm getting in on this late, but I got whacked a bit with illness and 
> work mania when I got back from Mpls.
> I'd mentioned this to Jon and Mike at the WG meeting, but one of the 
> comments I received from two folks at the meeting was that the section on 
> considerations for MIB design was a bit lengthy with no hierarchy to 
> it--that is, it runs a flat 3.1.1 section to a 3.1.23, with no real 
> organization for any of those sections or their content.
> I made an attempt at this in the -03 draft, and the work that we did on the 
> -04 draft just never lent itself to reintroducing this.  If anybody else 
> feels like this is a worthwhile effort, I could try (with Mike) giving this 
> some hierarchy (e.g.,,  I know we have a 6 
> Apr. deadline, but I could put some effort into this tomorrow (Monday) if 
> desired.
> Regards,
> Wayne


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