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snmpconf To Do Item 15 - Relationship to other MIB Modules

I have not referenced specific modules to avoid normative
entanglement and the necessity for a reader to know too much about any
particular technology.

Relationships to other MIB Modules

  The Policy MIB Module accesses system instrumentation for the purpose
  of policy evaluation, control, notification, monitoring and error
  reporting. This information is available to mangers in the form of MIB
  Objects. Detail information about system configuration is modified by
  the Policy Module through MIB objects defined in other Modules.

  Details about the operational or configuration details of a system are
  retrieved by the manager via access to the specific MIB objects
  available in a network element. As such the Policy Module can use any
  standard or vendor-defined object that exists on a managed system. In
  particular, the Policy Module may access standard or vendor specific
  objects that are instance-specific such as BGP time out parameters,
  specific interface counters, etc.  

  Objects may also be defined that are abstracted above the instance
  level for either standard or vendor specific technologies. These
  'higher level' objects make configuration more efficient since they
  represent defaults that can be applied to selected instances on
  managed devices.  This approach saves the installation of
  configuration parameters for every instance on a device since only the
  default is down-loaded. The Policy Module uses its information to
  determine on which instances to install the default parameters.


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