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Re: snmpconf To Do list items

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At 08:31 AM 3/29/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Jon Saperia wrote:
> >
> > Harrie, Bert, Hongal:
> >
> > How would it be if we put a number of examples in the BCP in the section
> > that deals with policy. We could use the script as an example of how to
> > write a concise script for a fairly complicated system.
>If you want to put it in the BCP, that is fine. However, I see one
>that is maybe a non-issue. The example has vendor extensions. That
>one should add the MIB module for the extensions in the BCP as well.
>Otherwise, you just have half of an example.
>Also when I looked at the example, there were some errors in it.
>I admit I also made a few errors in mine, since the Diffserv MIB
>is complicated. We must fix it before it goes in the BCP.


I do fix those when I write the example.,However I have a feeling that
the example should go in policy document , as BCP the name specifies
'Current Practice'.

I do not see a strong reason not to include this example
in the policy document considering the fact that this example is focused at

1.  An example policy description, rules and their equivalent
     'Filter' and 'Action' code segment.
2.  Action part shows how an vendor extension access function
     can be used to clone the data path template.
3.  How we populate  data in pmPolicyTable, pmRoleTable, ElementTable  tables.
4.  Off course I tried to visualize the cloning part with tables, which is 
only for the
      purpose to support the example, not to focus on theory of 
differentiated services.


> >
> > There are two a couple of other examples that should go in there as
> > well. We could reference the BCP in the other documents in such a way
> > that it is not a normative reference but something people could look
> > into if they wanted.
>That is fine, refering to an example in an other document is
>no problem and should be not a normative reference.