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Re: snmpconf To Do list items

Jon Saperia wrote:
> Harrie, Bert, Hongal:
> How would it be if we put a number of examples in the BCP in the section
> that deals with policy. We could use the script as an example of how to
> write a concise script for a fairly complicated system.

If you want to put it in the BCP, that is fine. However, I see one
that is maybe a non-issue. The example has vendor extensions. That
one should add the MIB module for the extensions in the BCP as well.
Otherwise, you just have half of an example.

Also when I looked at the example, there were some errors in it.
I admit I also made a few errors in mine, since the Diffserv MIB
is complicated. We must fix it before it goes in the BCP.

> There are two a couple of other examples that should go in there as
> well. We could reference the BCP in the other documents in such a way
> that it is not a normative reference but something people could look
> into if they wanted.

That is fine, refering to an example in an other document is
no problem and should be not a normative reference.