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Re: snmpconf To Do list items

Harrie, Bert, Hongal:

How would it be if we put a number of examples in the BCP in the section
that deals with policy. We could use the script as an example of how to
write a concise script for a fairly complicated system.

There are two a couple of other examples that should go in there as
well. We could reference the BCP in the other documents in such a way
that it is not a normative reference but something people could look
into if they wanted.

Is this OK?

> "Wijnen, Bert (Bert)" wrote:
> > From:         Jon Saperia[SMTP:saperia@jdscons.com]
> > >         1. I think it was Bert that raised the question about more
> > > examples in the BCP. Is this correct? In either case we should probably
> > > add one or two to the BCP for the policy section as examples of good
> > > ways to use the system. I believe that Hongal can help with this.
> > >
> > When the discussion came up about a simple and a complex example,
> > Brian Carpenter suggested that the example presented by Hongal
> > was far more complex then real life ISPs would want to do. He suggested
> > a simple """data from customer A" gets special threatment is a more
> > simpler and realistic example. So I suggested to do that one, but also
> > keep the one that Hongal presented.
> There is already an example in the diffserv-policy draft.
> It does not have a full-blown scripting example as would be used
> in the policy-mib module, but I attempted to keep it as simple
> as possible.
> Therefore, I start to wonder where do we want to put the example
> of Hongal. I don't think it is the policy-mib draft and the
> diffserv-policy draft already has an example.
> one thing that was good with the example of Hongal was how to
> use vendor extensions, but that is IMHO a diffserv-example.
> Just my thoughts of it. Cheers,
> Harrie


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