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RE: snmpconf To Do list items


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> Sent: 	Wednesday, March 28, 2001 2:48 PM
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> Subject: 	snmpconf To Do list items
> Here are two additions, both may have been briefly brought up at the
> meeting.
>         1. I think it was Bert that raised the question about more
> examples in the BCP. Is this correct? In either case we should probably
> add one or two to the BCP for the policy section as examples of good
> ways to use the system. I believe that Hongal can help with this.
When the discussion came up about a simple and a complex example,
Brian Carpenter suggested that the example presented by Hongal
was far more complex then real life ISPs would want to do. He suggested
a simple """data from customer A" gets special threatment is a more
simpler and realistic example. So I suggested to do that one, but also
keep the one that Hongal presented.

>         2. Policy Termination - there have been extensive discussions
> about what to happen when a policy terminates. My recollection - with
> help from David - is that if one wants a policy reset after termination
> a lower precedence policy should be in the group that will take over. I
> have no issue with this as the resolution, only that we need to document
> that this is how this behavior is achieved.
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