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snmpconf SNMPCONF WG Summary for 50th IETF


Although we sent this to our AD, we failed to cc the working
group.  This is our summary of the WG meetings last week in

The SNMPCONF WG met twice during the week to discuss revisions
to the three WG documents. On Wednesday, we reviewed each of
the three documents and changes that have been made since the
last working group meeting. We reviewed the list of the open
issues on the Policy MIB Module. Friday's meeting continued
with open issues for the Policy MIB Module and some time for
additional comments to be made.  There was also a presentation
of the SNMPCONF system with an example for DiffServ. The BCP
and DiffServ Policy MIB Modules were also reviewed and open
items and issues were also raised. We discussed the remaining
work for each of the documents and the goal of Working Group
Last call before the next IETF seems reasonable. The DiffServ
Policy Module is dependent on the DiffServ MIB Module.


David & Jon