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Re: snmpconf BCP document

    While one may argue about whether what this document describes are all 
(or even mostly) current practices, I believe that the text describes the 
best known ways to currently solve the problems addressed using SNMP.
     As such, publication of this information in a BCP would be very much 
in line with what they have been used for in other cases.  There are quite 
a few cases of BCPs used to describe "what you should do" rather than 
strictly "what is being done", in the context of current knowledge and 

Joel M. Halpern

At 08:10 AM 3/17/01 -0500, Jon Saperia wrote:
> > I did go through this document and it seems to me
> > that it is not really just a BCP, but rather a mix of:
> >
> > - BCP
> > - Requirements
> > - Guidance
> >
> > Specifically BCP stands for best CURRENT practice.
> > So I wonder how the policy-based NM can already be
> > current practice.
> >
>Bert, I am not sure how Guidance differs from Best Current
>Practice. With regard to Requirements, they frame the BCP. That is if
>you want to do X than here is how to do it.
>I do realize we took a bit of liberty but felt the goal of improving
>efficient, and effective interoperability of managers and agents that
>use SNMP in this context was worth it. The context is probably what you
>would call Requirements.
>Were your comments observations or a request for a specific change?
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