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Re: snmpconf BCP document: Example MIB

Jon Saperia wrote:
> > 1. First, a minor issue that looks like it's related to
> >    the evolution of the MIB through its different
> >    versions: it's not clear whether the indexing for
> >    the bldgHVACButtonTable is supposed to be the
> >    Floor and Office indexes from the bldgHVACTable (this
> >    is what it actually says), or its own integer-valued
> >    bldgHVACButtonIndex.  I'm going to argue below that
> >    a somewhat different version of this table should
> >    have an integer-valued index.
> Bob, your observation is a correct one. For the BCP we started out with
> one Module and were evolving toward two. We thought that a single module
> based on pricipals that Harrie worked on for DiffServ (including the
> work you did for rowPointers) would be a good idea.
> I think some of your ideas are good ones. Harrie?? can we integrate them
> and have a proposal for the meeting?

Yes, we can do that.