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Re: snmpconf BCP document

> I did go through this document and it seems to me
> that it is not really just a BCP, but rather a mix of:
> - BCP
> - Requirements
> - Guidance
> Specifically BCP stands for best CURRENT practice.
> So I wonder how the policy-based NM can already be
> current practice.

Bert, I am not sure how Guidance differs from Best Current
Practice. With regard to Requirements, they frame the BCP. That is if
you want to do X than here is how to do it.

I do realize we took a bit of liberty but felt the goal of improving
efficient, and effective interoperability of managers and agents that
use SNMP in this context was worth it. The context is probably what you
would call Requirements.

Were your comments observations or a request for a specific change?


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