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snmpconf New Ethernet MIBs Activity - Rechartering of Hub MIB Woking Group

I apologize for abusing the friendly SNMP oriented lists, and for
cross-posting for some of you - but the hubmib WG list is currently shut
down. We are in the process of migrating the list to the ietf.org domain,
but this happens exactly in the window of opportunity for calling for the
IETF meeting in Minneapolis.

Please respond directly to me, and do not copy the lists.

As time comes for asking meeting slots for Minneapolis, I would like to
consider a meeting of the Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB Working Group
(hubmib). The possible items to be considered are the following:

*	extensions of the current documents or new documents for management
of 10 Gbps Ethernet Interfaces - as per the work in the IEEE 802.3ae Working
*	new document for Powered Ethernet Management MIB - as per work in
the IEEE 802.3af Working Group
*	advancement of current documents on the Standards track

The IESG has established for our Working Group a liaison mechanism with the
IEEE 802.3 Working Group, by which the hubmib WG members can obtain access
to the working documents of the IEEE for the purpose of the working on the
Ethernet MIBs. According to the terms of our agreement with the IEEE 802.3,
this information will be provided on request, on individual basis.

I would encourage everybody to express their opinions about the new working
items and answer the
following questions:

1. Are you interested in seeing the items above standardized in the Ethernet
Interfaces and Hub MIB Working Group?
2. Can you / will you contribute to this work?
3. Are there other items that this Working Group should deal with?

My own answers to the questions above:

1. Yes
2. I intent to submit an Individual Internet-Draft on item 2.
3. No, I would have listed them! (If I only knew what Ethernet on the First
Mile is!)

If there is enough interest, I would like to call for a two hours meeting in
Minneapolis. Ideally, we should have Internet-Drafts (individual
submissions) and a new Charter proposal to discuss by then.



Dan Romascanu
Ethernet Interfaces and Hub MIB WG Chair