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Re: snmpconf Re: ... Setcli accessor function ...

Thanks John.


Mike MacFaden

At 01:42 PM 1/24/01 -0500, John Schnizlein wrote:
>Just a reminder: IETF is an organization of individual contributors,
>not and organization of companies (or any other organizations).
>Therefore the position of any company has no standing here.
>Technical reasons from any interested person have standing, and are valued.
>At 10:36 AM 01/24/2001 -0800, Mike MacFaden wrote:
>>Riverstone Network's position:
>>1) We do not need a  "setcli()" 
>>2) We favor an explicit definition in the document as to how vendor 
>>extensions, if any, can be added in a way that does not interfere 
>>with how this mechanism is meant to operate.
>>Mike MacFaden