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Re: snmpconf 11. Setcli accessor function - Item to be resolved o n email list

Riverstone Network's position:

1) We do not need a  "setcli()" 

2) We favor an explicit definition in the document as to how vendor extensions, if any,
can be added in a way that does not interfere with how this mechanism is
meant to operate.

Mike MacFaden

At 09:11 AM 1/24/01 -0500, Jon Saperia wrote:
>Since, I started this thread to get consensus, we have had a number of 
>messages. I will catch up on them and see if I can form a consensus statement. 
>I suggest we close discussion on this point by tomorrow so we can move on to 
>the other items on  the  list. Soo... if you have anything to add that you 
>have not already, please do so by close of business tomorrow.