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Re: snmpconf 11. Setcli accessor function - Item to be resolved on email list


David Durham wrote, regarding setcli():

> I would like to add my voice to the chorus dismissing a setcli accessor
> function as a *REALLY* bad idea.
> David, we are here to do the right thing from the perspective of promoting
> real standards. Promoting this subversive "ugly hack" runs exactly to the
> contrary of that goal. Allowing the current bad habits to continue under the
> guise of a standard is akin to providing all the booze you want to drink at
> the local alcohol rehab center.

On a fundamental level, I _absolutely_ agree with you.
What I don't know how to do, given what you write, is how
to solve the _immediate_ problem of managing very complex,
large networks with IPsec/diffserv capabilities.

Assuming we do not add setcli(), how are we going to be able to
deliver products which can be used to networks that exist today?
Because I couldn't answer that question to my own satisfaction,
I grudgingly accepted the idea of a setcli().  I'd be thrilled
if there were another answer.

I would also note that having a CLI driver is exactly what most
"policy-based management" systems today use for configuring a
large subset of the devices that exist today.  This is no worse
than that, and, in my opinion, is a step forward by integrating
the SNMP capability that we have and is being added.

With kind regards,

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