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Re: snmpconf 11. Setcli accessor function - Item to be resolved o n


Of course the only really pragmatic solution is to standardise on that single 
CLI language. Oh ... OK ... we're all doing that already ... :-)

Seriously though, the more groups like this one go with your option 2, the 
longer such "short-term" solutions hang around.


David Partain wrote:

> Howdy all,
> Co-chair hat off, techie hat on (I have one here somewhere...).
> When the idea of the setcli() (or system() or whatever) came
> up, I was quite opposed to the idea.  It's an ugly hack (just
> like the "system" system call is), and it, in some sense,
> subverts the goal of this work.  We don't _want_ to write a
> different policy script for every different kind of device we
> have in our networks.
> Then I got blind-sided by reality and changed my mind.  The fact
> of the matter is that much of what you want to configure with
> policy scripts cannot be twiddled with using SNMP.  This is
> unfortunate, but it's also true.  We can choose:
>  - to accept the reality and say that, nonetheless, doing things
>    with SNMP objects is the Right Thing to Do.  This means that
>    standards organizations and enterprises will need to get to
>    define the appropriate objects and include agents that allow
>    you to do sets to those objects
>  - to accept reality and say that because it is reality, we're
>    going to put in a "short-term" mechanism that allows you to
>    change the device using existing configuration mechanisms.
>    One of the most common ways is via a CLI, so the initial
>    suggestion was that.
> I greatly fear that if we do not adopt the latter of the two,
> with all of its warts, we're going to limit the utility of what
> we're creating very significantly.  I realize it's not pretty
> and breaks some of the fundamental tenets of what we're about,
> but I think we must do what can reasonably be done to include
> this functionality.
> With kind regards,
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