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Re: snmpconf 11. Setcli accessor function - Item to be resolved o n email list

Howdy all,

Co-chair hat off, techie hat on (I have one here somewhere...).

When the idea of the setcli() (or system() or whatever) came
up, I was quite opposed to the idea.  It's an ugly hack (just
like the "system" system call is), and it, in some sense,
subverts the goal of this work.  We don't _want_ to write a
different policy script for every different kind of device we
have in our networks.

Then I got blind-sided by reality and changed my mind.  The fact
of the matter is that much of what you want to configure with
policy scripts cannot be twiddled with using SNMP.  This is
unfortunate, but it's also true.  We can choose:

 - to accept the reality and say that, nonetheless, doing things
   with SNMP objects is the Right Thing to Do.  This means that
   standards organizations and enterprises will need to get to
   define the appropriate objects and include agents that allow
   you to do sets to those objects

 - to accept reality and say that because it is reality, we're
   going to put in a "short-term" mechanism that allows you to
   change the device using existing configuration mechanisms.
   One of the most common ways is via a CLI, so the initial
   suggestion was that.

I greatly fear that if we do not adopt the latter of the two,
with all of its warts, we're going to limit the utility of what
we're creating very significantly.  I realize it's not pretty
and breaks some of the fundamental tenets of what we're about,
but I think we must do what can reasonably be done to include
this functionality.

With kind regards,

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