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Re: snmpconf 11. Setcli accessor function - Item to be resolved on email list

>I must be missing something.   I do not understand the value of our 
>standardizing "the name of the function and the minimum error 
>behavior".  Given that the parameters will be different for different 
>systems, having the name the same actually seems almost 
>counter-productive.  It certainly does not seem like something we should be 
>puttting time and energy into at this point in the process.

one of us is missing something but it may be me

here is a bit more about what i was thinking ...  if one has an
implementation-specific feature, like we are discussing, one error
that i think is likely to happen in practice is that somebody will
download and attempt to run a script for a flintstone router onto a
yogiberra router

if the names of the accessors and the minimum error behaviors are not
standardized, then you get a generic error that is indistinguishable from
a language syntax error, e.g., a typo and any recovery is impossible

if, however, you have a standard for the accessor, you can define minimal
error behaviors like
	no cli subsystem
	cli syntax error
	and the like (perhaps more, perhaps not)

then, a prudent coder can do some defensive driving against these common
errors as we have been taught to do (but do all too seldomly)

	[i am aware that you could achieve the same result via use of an
	additional generic accessor function similar to the c-shell operator
	" -e " for file inquiries, but this seems to be an unnecessary and
	unwarranted complexity unless justified elsewhere and that seems
	pretty unlikely]

i think that the diagnostic benefits of an error mechanism that is more
specific and localized to the the problem rather than less specific are
uncontroversial, but, then, i thought that the above was uncontroversial

if this turns out to be real contentious, i am reluctantly willing to
duck and cover in the interest of timely progress on other issues

perhaps if i had not been prevented from being able to join you in san diego, 
i would be better equipped and able to anticipate how controversial this
might be