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snmpconf 11. Setcli accessor function - Item to be resolved on email list

We have a short time to ID cut off date and I wanted to start with some
items/issues that do not really impact any one of the documents but
which we agreed to take up on this list. Note that I have set the
subject to the this specific issue. I think it would be a good idea if
others have topics they wish to discuss on the list that they use the
same approach so that we do not put too many topics in one email.

A review of the minutes shows a conversation about the benefits and
drawbacks of introducing a setcli accessor function. On thinking about
it more, I suggest that we may want to omit it for now because of:

   1. One more item to work on in the document
   2. Could be complex from a security perspective
   3. May delay rather than help adoption of the technology we are
working on.

I do not feel very strongly about this, but thought I would put this out
to get the ball rolling to see if there are any strongly held views.


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