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Re: relationship of snmpconf to midcom?

>>> The only point I have been stressing is that the configuration of these
>>> middle boxes should be done with an extant management (SNMP) technology.
>> i find this interesting in light of the absense of definition of what is to
>> be configured.  does everything always look like a nail?
> Your question, presses the usual engineering issue when a new feature is
> required. Do you invent something completely new which is hand tailored
> for what you are building and thus possibly better suited to that
> particular application, or do you take something that exists and
> add/modify to it? We can find ample examples of each approach in other
> areas of technology that we all work with.

so we should constrain all measurement and control design problems to the
space that can be solved by an snmp-based solution.  that will certainly
make life simple.