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Re: relationship of snmpconf to midcom?


Thanks for your note. It is clear and helpful. The only point I have
been stressing is that the configuration of these middle boxes should be
done with an extant management (SNMP) technology. I have not been
proposing that it be used for the real time application request
functions you describe. In short, I think we are all in agreement.


> What I'm saying now is my understanding of midcom which may or may not be
> understanding of a prospective WG, IESG, or whomever else.
> The driver behind midcom is the desire to get VoIP and other applications
> using session protocols (SIP, RTSP, H.323, ... ) across firewalls
> and NATs (and possibly other "middleboxes"). It is difficult unless
> the middleboxes understand the applications. Though one may have 
> embedded ALGs in such middleboxes, there are scenarios in which
> it seems easier to have the application awareness out of them.
> This is the scenario midcom is looking at. A protocol is needed 
> which allows the application to ask "please, tell me a NAT translation 
> that will be applied to my packet voice stream" or "please, open a pinhole 
> for the stream in the firewall".
> There are, IMHO, two items on the midcom to-do-list: to document this
> problem: scope, issues, requirements, etc. Once the problem is understood 
> and  documented, the next item will be to show how it can or cannot be 
> solved using existing protocols. Meanwhile, I've heard many protocols 
> spelled in this context including SNMP, COPS-PR, LDAP, MGCP, .... 
> To address some of the technical comments/questions raised previously:
> - It will be a requirement that the midcom protocol (whatever it is)
>   operates in real-time.
> - I do not think that web caches are of primary interest. Firewalls and 
>   NATs are.
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