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snmpconf To Do list

Folks. As promised, here is the to do list. The idea is that we work on
these issues for the next draft revisions.


Tasks/Issues for the Best Current Practices Document:


        1. Finish reorganization and grouping of topics. This includes
        rename of the headings and intro section where appropriate.

        2. Spelling, edits, grammar, etc.

        3. Complete the expansion/revision of editorial comments
        embedded in the .003 document.

     Connect new table introduced in .03 version of the BCP with SNMP

     Complete Example MIB Module with clear connection to what objects
     are mechanism and instance specific and how this might relate to a
     policy MIB Module. In addition, each object description in the
     module should have an explanation of what the object is

     Add section on MIB Module design for configuration objects.

     Discuss some examples from/considerations on RMON-II.

     Discuss issues with SNMPv3 security specifically: examples from the
     USEC/VACM realm. Complete/review existing sections such as contexts.

     Complete a glossary section to the point where it is useful or

Tasks/Issues for the Policy MIB Module:

    1. Editorial Review

    2. Relationship to other MIB Module sections needs to be completed.

    3. Addition of two objects that help with the test/verification and
    status of policies in the policy table. 

    4. Example Scripts - these should show some basic scripts as
    examples of the language and will be generally useful.

    5. Need to define element "0.0" for "this system" (think of it of
    policies for scalar elements). This work item needs further

    6. Potentially need more thinking about how policies clean up when
    no longer active. See comments/suggestions presentation made by Jon
    at October Interim. Follow up on WG discussion on error conditions
    based on termination or override.

   7. Make changes for pass by reference.

   8.Might be nice to have "Notes for C programmers", "Notes for Perl
   programmers", etc. each with several things to consider (e.g. C
   programmers should be reminded of implicit pass by reference, Perl
   programmers should be reminded that comments don't start with '#' and
   vars don't start with '$'. Be nice to show how small these lists are
   to prove this is the 'esperanto' language

   9. Change to C++ reference

   10. Add automatic initialization

   11. Setcli accessor function - Item to be resolved on email list

   12. regexp accessor function

   13. regexp and partial match for searchcolumn

   14. Write up createAndGo API.

   15. Add newPDU()

   16. Explicit element addresses as varargs for roleMatch and capMatch
   for example, when processing DLCI, what is role of containing port?

   17. Add signalError() accessor function and enumeration per execution
   context (also for abnormalTermination) and pmSignalErrors gauge

   18. Define terms like execution context and "this element" - This
   might go in a glossary section.

   19. loosely-typed variables - If the WG decided to go with this the
   fixes for the BNF and other text needs to be added.

   20. Varargs for snmpsend for context, targer, and security info

   21. add rules for what authority scripts run under

   22. Add inherited access rights discussion to security considerations

   23. Sscanf?

   24. Replace string "access functions" -> "accessor functions"

   25. Incorporate (by value) schedule mib with changes presented by Jon
   at the San Diego IETF. We should add some examples to show different
   types of schedules and how they are used.

   26. Protection from looping

   27. Capabilities and role tables need to be rationalized and ensure
   unnecessary overlap is removed.

   28. More text about "this element" being index, context + address.

   29. Policy state object for showing inactive due to precedence.

   30. How about the index of the next-higher overriding policy?

   31. Need context and address added to role tables

   32. Show an example of 2 repeaters in different contexts on the same
   box - This is a specific example of examples, we should add them as
   time permits.

   33. Helper objects to help NMS fall-over? Registration object that
   must be refreshed? If it doesn't refresh, another NMS takes over?

    Could be added to regTable as follows:
    rename table to NMS reg table
    add pmNMSOffline notification
    inactive managers also register
    enumeration: receive role/cap notifications while offline: true/false
    read-write value that is periodically set by active manager
    (should inactive mgrs also set their object?)
    agent sends nmsOffline notification to all 2ndary mgrs
    This entire issue needs some discussions and reflection.

    34. Delete roleStringSETable?

    35. Do we want to provide a parameter to a script (see Docsis
    example for why (address of NMS))

    36. Error to use a varbind that wasn't set

    37. Can we get a reference for the biblio for EBNF?

    38. Mention:
    implementation specific limits on scratchpad variables per policy
    implementation specific limits on global scratchpad may be lower

    39. Consider (in examples), having descriptor-style OIDs not in
    quotes so they aren't confused

    40. Be very explicit that examples are using descriptors despite the
    fact that this is not the "over the wire" representation.  41. Make
    sure casting rules are clear for snmp functions

    42. Ask randy whether we need wstrlen()?

    43. Counter delta function another benefit is that it takes away
    time keeping functions from the script 44. Details regarding casting
    ints (sign conversion, etc.).

    44. Include same terminology/normative text as in the bcp and
    diffserv modules with regard to domain, mechanism, implementation
    and instance specific objects.

    45. Add a sentence or two at beginning of doc talking about the role
    of this in integrated management (e.g., counter delta function #43
    and why that is relevant for configuration) and how this module can
    be extended.
    47. Do we need/want to reference SMIng data types (we will be done
    before SMIng)? How do we reference new things once deployed?

    48. We need to add text to clarify pmPolicyAbnormal Terminations.

    49. Need to clarify the use/function of the notification
    registration table relative to the snmpNotifyFilterTable and
    snmpNotifyTable. Same for VACM.

    50. Need text on resource clean up.

Tasks/Issues for the Policy MIB Module:

    1. Revisions based on the .07 version of the DiffServ module.
    2. Final edits/changes/spelling, etc.
    3. Reference relationship to DiffServ Module and how the system
    4. Provide some examples.
    5. Reference/discuss the new TCs for row status.

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   Updates needed?


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