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snmpconf Moving toward completion and the next IETF Meeting(s)

Our charter calls for our last IETF meeting to take place this March. At
the meeting we had in San Diego we briefly talked about having an
interim meeting before the one in March. Given the current date, time
does not permit this (due to IETF meeting announcement lead times and the
ID cut of dates, etc.). David and I are proposing the following:

          1. By the close of business this Friday, we will post a list
          of to do items that are a combination of issues people have
          raised at meetings and were recorded in out minutes. The
          list also contains other postings and ideas. That would be a good
          time to mention any issues that you think we have missed on
          any of the three documents. This list will help us focus
          discussion and allocate allocate our time. When the list
          items are resolved one way or antoher, we should be done :-)

          2. We are going to ask our Area Directors for two meeting
          slots in March on the assumption that there will be a lot to
          do if we are to finish in time. If we do not get everything
          done, we will at least have to show that we are making
          significant progress.


David and Jon