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snmpconf Re: TE-MIB readonly or read/write

Ran Wrote:

>         A large part of the reason operators disable/don't use
> SNMP SETs is that most managed devices haven't shipped SNMPv3
> with (at least) MD5 authentication yet.  The most widely used

I wanted to double check before responding. Last I knew, your statement
was correct for Juniper. It has not been correct for Cisco for some
time. From what I can tell most ISPs have a 12.x that should have these

> network management platforms DO have SNMPv3 capability today,
> either via a 3rd party plug-in (e.g. SNMP Research's module
> for HP OpenView) or natively (e.g. Objective Systems' NetExpert
> package).

True enough. There is also third party code (some of it freeware) that
also has full v3 support.
>         It would be helpful all around if folks who build boxes 
> would evangelise within their own employer -- to cause the 
> implementation (and shipping) of SNMPv3 (with at least MD5
> authentication, preferably both MD5 and DES-CBC) in their 
> respective boxes.