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snmpconf Re: TE-MIB readonly or read/write

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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:10:53 -0800
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From: Mike MacFaden <Mike.MacFaden@riverstonenet.com>
To: ben@layer8.net
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	13 Dec 2000 10:18:34 -0800)
Subject: Re: TE-MIB readonly or read/write
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>From: Ben Black <ben@layer8.net>
>could you give examples of large ISPs who are asking for additional
>SNMP configuration features?  i am not at all a fan of using SNMP for
>router configuration, and i believe that puts me in the majority among
>service provider engineers.

We're putting the cart in front of the horse...

Defining a good read-write MIB module
does not necessarily imply using *all* the 
SNMP framework's modules.

Per RFC 2570:

   The specifications of the Internet Standard Management Framework are
   based on a modular architecture.  This framework is more than just a
   protocol for moving data.  It consists of:

     * a data definition language,
     * definitions of management information (the Management
       Information Base, or MIB),
     * a protocol definition, and
     * security and administration.
   To this end, the framework was architected
   with a protocol-independent data definition language and Management
   Information Base along with a MIB-independent protocol.

I believe a good read-write MIB module (and I stress good) would be ideal 
to help define the common mgmt nerd-knobs to be found in a CLI
config/show cmd set or other non-IETF standard mgmt interface as well.

Mike MacFaden

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