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snmpconf Re: TE-MIB readonly or read/write

on 12/13/2000 12:36 PM, Tony Tauber at ttauber@genuity.net wrote:

> I'm inclined to agree.
> I don't do SNMP sets and believe that's the common practice
> among operators today (as Randy mentioned), but can't see
> a good architectural reason to deny this possiblity right
> out of the gate and box ourselves in.
> If people choose not to use this capability or to administratively
> prohibit it, that's fine; just like is done with SNMP sets today.

There has been quite a lot of email on this topic. The two paragraphs above
make two good points. One of the reasons operators do not do much with SNMP
sets today is that there are very very few standard objects to set. I
believe the job of the people developing the standard MIB Modules is to
provide complete management coverage. For those operators that do not wish
to use set operations, they can continue not to use them. This time they
will have a real choice, not because there is not much worthwhile to do with
them as has historically been the case.

The issue that I have raised is that for the newly created area, we should
provide complete coverage.